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Ruthanne Reid, Author & Designer

Hunting the Wild Beast, Publication. I hear it's juicy.

Ruthanne Reid
11 November 1975
Ruthanne’s childhood involved a lot of time alone in the woods, which meant she never learned not to put Dracula, Transformers, and Dr. Who together in one story. (You don’t want to know what she did to My Little Ponies.)

Branded with a love of complex characters, multi-layered plots, and unapologetic genre-bending, she writes stories about unintentional bad guys, underage heroes who spelunk societal expectations, and very crafty aliens. She currently lives in Washington with a cat, a husband, and a housemate, (not necessarily in that order), and is capable of cooking a damn good pancake breakfast.

Currently Available: The Sundered, a soft science-fiction in which a young man searches for hope in a world filled with powerful but broken slaves and black water that kills on contact.

Visit her on Twitter @ruthannereid, join her on Facebook, or contact her via good old email.

There’s also her blog, if you really want to get to know her.

On a more personal note…

Here’s my manifesto.

1. When it comes to creation, if it hurts, you’re doing it wrong. (Thank you, Holly Lisle.)

2. There’s no such thing as coasting. You’re either going uphill… or down.

I hope you create. And I hope it never hurts.